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  • "Antry, he has decided to heed his higher calling with the release of Devil Don’t Care (Tres Lobas Enterprises), a wondrous ten-song set of Gospel-based blues recorded in Nashville, produced by his manager Peter Carson, and featuring several of the city’s finest musicians in support --- bassist Michael Rhodes, steel guitarist Dan Dugmore, drummer Greg Morrow, and guitarists Rob McNelly, Pat Buchanan, and Bret Mason, along with guest appearances by vocalist Shaun Murphy and guitarist Anthony Gomes." 

  • "Steve Antry’s vocals are a gift that most vocalists would love to have (a three-octave range) and he does a fantastic job with these inspirational songs of faith. For believers and non-believers, the music of Devil Don’t Care will be manna from Heaven."

INTERVIEW- Antry: The Blues Don't Care  - Michalis Limnios, Blues.Gr!
  • "I love the evolution of the blues. I love the old slow blues and I love the newer blues rock music and artists. I think this demonstrates its ability to evolve while still respecting the past roots of the music. I hope this evolution continues for hundreds of years." - Antry

  • "To me, the blues is just about life. The good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly. It’s not always sad, it’s not always happy. Kind of like life. But to hear those struggles and journeys and joys put to music in such a viscerally appealing format is unmatched in any other form." - Antry

  • "I would characterize it as Gospel Blues, in that there is a spiritual component to every song. I like the topics of temptation, redemption, love and salvation. Each song on the album has a special meaning to me and charts my life’s journey, which is still a work in progress." - Antry

  • "I do wish old school would accept new school a little more open mindedly. I have picked up on some animosity at times from the two factions. I love them both, personally." - Antry 

ANTRY: Devil Don't Care  - Jim Santella, Southland Blues 
  • "Smooth, contemporary blues with a message for soul salvation paints Steve Antry's debut album as an easy-listening approach."

  • "A precious highlight of the album comes with "Borrowed Angels," which allows Antry to tell of the good feeling that exists all around us eternally if only we'll look for it, find it, and allow the mood to stay for keeps."

Tres Lobas Enterprises artist: Antry - Devil Don't Care - New Release Review  - Bman, Bman's Blues Report
  • "Antry shows over and again the he has a really warm voice capable of doing most anything he wants, demonstrated nicely on the somber ballad, "Borrowed Angels." Anthony Gomes sits in on Devil Gone Fishin' with some scorching hot modern blues riffs."

  • "Antry does a modern pseudo blues/reggae track, "Get Up," pairing his own vocals with a nicely woven backing by David Smith and Mike Rojas on keys and Shaun Murphy on excellent backing vocals…Wrapping the release is an update on Jimmy Duncan's fifties hit, "My Special Angel." Antry has an incredibly clear voice and uses it to close hit debut release."

ANTRY - Devil Don't Care (Tres Lobas) - Norman Darwen, Flying Shoes Review
  •  "Listening to the tough, blues-rocking gospel of "Devil Don’t Care," it is not difficult to forget the overly sentimental side that sometimes surfaces in both country and gospel – but Steve Antry, a member of Tulsa, Oklahoma blues-rockers Joyride, remembers it and it crop up on several tracks on this album. "How Far Down" has a dramatic Americana approach, with searing gospel ad libs from guest vocalist Shaun Murphy and southern rock tinges."

Antry ~~ Devil Don't Care  Professor Johnny P,  Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint 
  • "When I first looked at the cover for Antry’s new album, I saw the grizzled visage of Steve Antry looking back at me with the defiant look of an old-time preacher getting ready to wrestle the devil to the ground. That’s appropriate for an album called, Devil Don’t Care, that mixes some beautiful gospel and country flavors in with some very cool blues rock."

  • "There may be some people who are not attracted to the spiritual nature of Antry, but please give this one a listen. Steve Antry has a strong voice and has put together some great musicians on Devil Don’t Care. Much of the blues has been built on a gospel foundation – it’s the music of people who have no place else to turn."

Devil Don't Care  Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro©,  Mary4Music
  • “I don't know that I've ever heard the original version of "Always With Me" (Babyface, D. Rucker) but after hearing Antry's, I don't know that I want to. It may be unfair of me to blindly say this but so be it - I can't imagine any other version being as beautiful as this. With a strong yet soothing rhythm - highlighted by a masterful keyboard performance from David [Smith] - behind him, Antry - singing his heart and soul out - takes this one to higher level.”

  • “Leon Russell's "Prince Of Peace" is another smoker. The rhythm is fierce and with four of them wailing, you'll be hearing some of the discs best guitar work right here. When it comes to describing a vocal performance, the word howling might not sound complimentary....unless, of course, it's Shaun Murphy doing the howling. Wow! I want to hear an album titled "Antry and Murphy", please!”

  • “Should you need to "Get Up" (R. S. Bryan) and get out of that ditch you're diggin', this is the song for you. The combination of Steve's soulful and heartfelt lead and harmony vocals; Shaun's timely vocal ad libs; lots of very melodic hand clapping; all accompanied by a bit of a Reggae beat; make this is the quintessential inspirational song."

Antry review... July 27, 2017  - Don and Sheryl, donandsherylsbluesblog
  • “Lately, we have been privy to a spate of releases that offer up a uniquely-intriguing “sub-genre,” if you will, of the blues, this one presenting gospel in its mix. …Antry has an awesome set of pipes, and he uses them well and wisely to convey his message of hope, faith, and redemption in his latest offering."

  • “Antry has vocal chops second to none.  His three-octave range breathes the fire and brimstone into this material,  as he reminds us to be steadfast in our faith, because the ‘Devil Don’t Care!’”   

An In Depth Interview with Antry!  - Richard L'Hommedieu, Making a Scene!

  • “One of Steve Antry’s earliest jobs was working as a track laborer for the Frisco railroad in Tulsa…This turned out to be his defining “Woody Guthrie moment.” While driving steel with much older gentlemen with nicknames like ‘“Stokes” and “Bones” (who actually played the spoons), Antry became entranced by the music that was sung out in the country while repairing old railroad track.  Everyone would sing along to the rhythm of the maul hitting a spike. That was Antry’s first unwitting exposure to the Blues, in its purest form.” 

  • “‘I received more inspiration and life lessons from him than any sports coach I ever had,’ says Antry of his inspirational classical voice teacher from whom he learned music theory and correct projection and breath control, while developing his three-octave range. Antry was offered a music scholarship from Dr. Sowell, but fate led him to a degree in finance and a career building businesses and supporting a family. But he always sang, purely for the love of it, at weddings, memorial services and in Gospel choirs, which always brought back those railroad track gang memories of Stokes and Bones and the crazy rhythm of the spoons.”

  • “The Southern Gospel choirs are where I learned that presentation is as important as content.”

  • “In 2016 Antry formed Joyride Blues Band with local seasoned players, quickly winning over Tulsa Blues fans and scoring headliner spots at the famous Cain’s Ballroom and Mayfest, one of Tulsa’s biggest music events of the year. His love for performing shines through every time Antry hits the stage.”

Antry: Devil Don't Care  - Bill Wilson

  • "Tulsa native, Steve Antry is not only a man with a vision, he is a man on a mission.  He had worked hard at everything he did his entire life and the time has come that he wants to pursue his love for the music.  Antry sounds like a Christian who has the heart of a bluesman."

  • "His vocal range and control are unbelievable.  On this, his debut album, Steve Antry plays electric guitar and does all the album's primary vocals.  He also plays a mean harp, though not on the album.  It should also be mentioned that he is a great storyteller."

  • "The passion with which he approached this album is rare in this day and age, where almost anyone can be taught the technical processes.  It is clear to the listener that Steve Antry is speaking from wells of experience.  While it is primarily covers, they were well-chosen for the messages they convey.  Antry did co-write the title track and wrote additional lyrics for Gary Nicholson's "Devil Gone Fishin'."  From straight-forward Blues to smooth R&B and more, the story unfolds...the story of Antry. "

  • "His work is referred to as Gospel Blues.  This is gospel that does not leave you feeling like you're being preached to."

  • "This is one powerful album, diverse in musical styles but with a simple can accomplish anything you want with a little help from on high.  If you are not moved by this recording, don't bother calling the the morgue.  This one is a keeper."

Devil Don't Care - Peter Merrett, PBS106.7 (Melbourne, Australia)

  • “'Devil Don't Care’” instantly establishes this man's bona fides as a serious Blues man, Gospel singer  and strong songwriter. Backed by a powerhouse band there is no doubt that Antry is out to impress. Sharing writing credits on this one with collaborator and manager Carson we certainly have a very high benchmark here…Wow Mr. Antry you certainly have my attention!’“

  • “Gospel tinged tent meeting growling Blues that again lets Antry to step it   up and display the power of his voice. Now this is one if you will excuse me is a ‘helluva track’.”

  • “[Special Angel] is a perfect outing for Antry as he makes this his own what with an absolutely sublime vocal rendering. This is proof perfectly that no matter how old a song is there is no limits when the you interpret it so mesmerizingly. As a devotee of fifties music l am astounded at the majesty of this performance. I quite frankly kept pinching myself in disbelief of just how amazing and beautiful a interpretation this is. The band has the sound perfectly in sync with the song and have the pathos that was a hallmark of the era. I am in heaven Mr. Antry and l thank-you for that.”

  • “I still can't grasp the fact that this is a debut album. Man when talent like this arrives we know we are in a good place. The selection of songs is inspired. The word that keeps coming to mind is 'brilliant" but l don't think it is good enough a word to use as this album scales far great heights than that word. Thank-you Steve Antry for taking us on a stunning Gospel trip with you and your band. You sir are truly sanctified.”



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