Antry Debut Album Scheduled Date for July 14 Release

Heeding the call from a higher power, Tulsa vocalist and harmonica player Steve Antry poured his heart and soul into this debut album “Devil Don’t Care.” After spending most of his life building a business and raising a family, Antry is now following the

dream of creating his own music and sharing his faith, vision and inspiration with the world.


Antry partnered with producer Peter Carson (also Antry’s manager) to record ten tunes in Nashville that propel him into the emerging genre of Gospel Blues. The pair recruited several A-list players including bassist Michael Rhodes, acclaimed steel player Dan Dugmore, Academy of Country Music Drummer of the Year Award winner Greg Morrow, guitarists Rob McNelley, Pat Buchanan and Bret Mason, along with very special guests, vocal powerhouse Shawn Murphy and blues/rock guitar ace Anthony Gomes.  


When Antry and Carson began outlining the tunes for the album a theme emerged which resulted in the writing of the title track, ‘Devil Don’t Care,’ a straight forward blues rock shuffle with a message of clarity and direction guided from above. The other nine tracks are songs of inspiration, dedication, faith and redemption. Beginning with the smooth R&B-styled love song ‘Always With Me,’ then shifting the mood to the fire and brimstone filled ‘How Far Down,’ with Ms. Murphy adding her wail to the rumbling chorus outro. The acoustic driven parable ‘Fishin’’ is a tale of solace and wisdom Antry found while on the open water with his father. The raucous 1970 Southern Rock Gospel hit, ‘Prince Of Peace,’ composed by Leon Russell, has a powerful message of accepting one’s fellow man and opening your heart to others that is very poignant in today’s xenophobic climate. The powerful ballad, ‘Borrowed Angels,’ attempts to explain the loss of a child and is a ministry of comfort to those who have suffered through that ordeal. The funky sermon ‘Devil Gone Fishin’,’ is a stern warning to the wicked with scorching lead guitar from Anthony Gomes adding to the testimony.  Antry then reflects on the many gifts he has received from on high in the soaring ‘Sending Me Angels.’ The tent revival chorus of ‘Get Up’ urges us all to lift ourselves out of depths of turmoil and back onto the path of righteousness through good work and self-empowerment. The album closes with sentimental favorite ‘Special Angel,’ covered here close to the original crossover hit that made both the country and pop charts in the 1950’s and early 60’s, allowing Antry to flex his vocal chops while paying tribute to the teen idols he grew up listening to and rounding out the angelic theme of the album.

Award Winning Blues PR Firm To Represent Antry

Blind Raccoon, an award winning Blues PR Firm, will be handling publicity and promotion for Antry's debut album.  Headed by Betsie Brown, Blind Raccoon has  over twenty-five years of experience in entertainment and music promotion, media relations & marketing communications, based in Memphis, San Diego, New York and London.

Antry Attends Blues Music Awards

Antry attended the 38th Annual 2017 Blues Music Awards at the Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis, TN.  The event brings together industry representatives and artists from all over the world to celebrate the best blues performances and recordings of the past year.

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